How to Reset Password of Your AOL Mail Account?

AOL is a popular web portal and online-service provider in the United States. It was an internet pioneer in the mid-90’s. The company has been providing its services to millions of the customers since the past three decades. You can access web portal, email, dial-up services and browser of AOL. Email services of AOL are quite famous among the users. Despite the rise of competitors like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, their AOL Mail is still used by millions of people. But as we know, no technology is flawless. AOL Mail often experiences issues with their mailing accounts. The simple solution to it usually is AOL reset password, and you will recover the account.

Simple steps to recover AOL Mail Account

AOL Mail is a popular service provided by the AOL in America. AOL was formerly known as America Online. AOL was rebranded and later acquired by Verizon Communications. AOL Mail users have often reported that they are not able to log into their account. The solution that uses AOL phone number for password reset. That phone number will be used by the company to verify your mind, and you will be able to reset your password. Here are some tips to recover your mail account:

Reset Password by Phone Number:

1. Visit AOL Mail’s main login page.
2. Select the option of Login/Join.
3. Insert your accurate AOL Username.
4. Click on the Next option.
5. Select the option of Forgot Password?
6. Again, insert your Username.
7. Click the Next option.
8. The AOL will send you a verification code through text message or a phone call. Select the one that suits you.
9. Once you have received the code, enter into the Enter Code field.
10. Click on Next and set a new password that is strong.
11. Save it and you’re all set to use your AOL Mail account.

Some people often complain that despite following all the tips AOL password reset not working is not working and they can’t recover their account. They can use the alternate method of AOL mail reset password which sends you an email to reset your password. Follow these tips to change AOL password by using email:

1. Select Try another verification option to verify your account by using email.
2. Choose the option of Email the reset link to the recovery email address.
3. Choose the Next and you’ll receive a reset link to your recovery email address that you had provided at the time of creating your AOL Mail account.
4. Open your recovery email address in another tab and search for the mail from AOL that contains the link to reset your password.
5. Open that mail and click on the link or Reset Password button.
6. The link will send you to the page where you can reset your new password.
7. Now, save the password and login to your AOL Mail account. You will be able to log in without any problem.

Final Words

AOL is a favorite brand when it comes to the web portal, online services or email service. Despite the rise of Gmail in the market, it has maintained its place. Most of the customers are satisfied with their various products and services. The company is always ready to help customers if they are in any trouble. The solutions above will solve your issues most probably, but if you think your problem is still there, then it’s the time to contact the tech support at AOL. They will look into the matter and help you out within the minimum duration. If you are unable to recover the mail account, then tell them in the complaint. The team will ask you a few questions, and if you answer them correctly they will regain the account and you’ll get it back. Just make sure to use these simple fixes before you contact the tech support.

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